recharge, reset, rebrand: the return of robert rodriguez

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after taking some time off from the chaos that is often apparent with the fashion industry, rodriguez left his signature line, robert rodriguez, behind to launch a new and improved label that better translates to the modern woman's effortless state of mind.


the exclusive R/R brand is full of elevated essentials ideal for mixing and matching. whereas the robert rodriguez collection was very trend-driven, the R/R Studio line is made for today's modern woman, inspired by the everyday lifestyle of the busy career woman on the go. 


keeping key questions in mind like, "how do women go to work?" "how do they go out at night?" "what is their day-to-day like?" rodriguez explained that no one dresses exclusive, head-to-toe designer anymore, and that mixing and matching brands and accessories has carried over from street style to everyday style.


consumers can expect a laid-back, individualistic style from the R/R Collection. from casual, loose-fitting tops and comfortable cashmere to embroidered lace dresses and stunning drape-front coats, pieces are meant to be layered together that can be easily dressed up or down.


stepping away from his label allowed rodriguez the clarity needed to curate a clothing line representative of the minimalist yet luxe aesthetic many lines, and women, are gravitating toward.