4.5 minutes with nettie kent

4.5 minutes with nettie kentNK bio pic

1. what defines you (as an individual and/or designer)?


I have always held the belief that who you are is defined by what and who you surround yourself with, the community that you create. My community is full of artists and dreamers, cooks and scholars, hard workers, people who love, create and practice kindness, people who ask questions and seek out the answers. So I hope to be all these things and more so I can bring myself and contribute to my community. 


2.  who is your style muse?


I'm not sure I have one style muse, or even just 10, style to me is a vibe more then a look, its an ease with yourself, with your body and what you decorate your body with. I love a good late 60's/70's vibe, Jane, Brigitte, Francoise, Bianca, Edi, Grace, Debbie, Jimi- I mean who didn't look amazing in the 70's? Before everything was so mass produced and diluted by social media it was actually possible to have a unique individual style. Its harder now, sometimes it feels like everything has been discovered. But then I will see a girl or guy who just has it, that effortless cool that draws my eye and that is who I make my jewelry for, people who want that ease.


3.  where do you draw inspiration from?


I have learned the hard way that I cannot force inspiration, if I am feeling uninspired I step away, even if its only for a few hours to take a walk or a few days to go to the beach. I have my best ideas when I am doing something else, that is why I always have a small sketchbook with me, to capture those ideas so that when I get back to the studio I can make them happen. I notice shapes, I think it must go back to my training as a painter. My sketch book is covered in these shapes and from some of them pieces of jewelry take form. My very first collection was very ocean/beach influenced and I think my work still reflects the beach bum in me but since moving to new york a few years ago my pieces have become more detailed and geometric, even my texture has evolved, it still has that same loose, organic quality but with an edge.


4. what piece you will wear most from your fall 2014 collection?


I haven't taken off my Callisto Studs since I made them. I love them because I don't have to ever think about them, I can keep them on whether I am working in the studio, surfing or sleeping. I think about jewelry all day everyday so I tend to just keep on my jewelry, my everyday pieces don't ever come off, that is why I design jewelry with comfort in mind, sure I make big statement pieces that are for fun nights out, but the everyday pieces are comfortable and classic, life is complicated enough, I like jewelry that is easy.


5.  what’s your favorite place to retreat?


I grew up on Martha's Vineyard and it is still my first home, Brooklyn is my second. I love to come back to the island in the warmer months to go to the beach and surf and grill food with friends. When the season ends and the ocean gets cold its great to go for long beach walks and come home, make a fire in the fireplace and cook big meals and catch up on sleep.


6.   who would be seated at your perfect round table dinner party (alive or deceased) and why?


Oh man , everyone I mentioned as my 70's style muses! I have such a fascination for that decade, the music, the fashion, the movements that revolved around both just seem so exciting and free, I would just love to hear stories, endless stories...


7.  describe your perfect day?


Wake up to bright sunny skies, drink strong coffee and eat delicious food, spend the whole day surfing and the whole afternoon lying on a big beach blanket, napping and reading and eating cookies (chocolate chip) when the sun gets low, head to a cook out with my favorite people, sit outside, eating and talking all night. The great thing is that I pretty much had this day today!


M.I.H. fall 2014

the mood gets darker for mih this fall. inspired by 90's icons, mih focuses on oversized tops, masculine cuts, and androgynous shirting. the outerwear collection mixes textures and fabrics like their larking biker coat in sherling and suede.  pieces in the  collection features hues of marine blue, grey, and deep rum.  the knitwear showcases slouchy fisherman's sweaters and wool blanket ponchos. mih's fall collection is the epitome of tomboy elegance and effortless looks. 

mih-1           mih-7


mih-5     mih-4



mih-2 mih-3


creatures of comfort spring 2014

creatures of comfort's spring line is an easy, breezy collection full of beautiful pieces in light-weight and airy fabrics.  Designer Jade Lai plays with cool and unexcpected cuts and interesting, yet fun, prints.  Lai leans toward a more neutral color palette with pieces in crisp white and chambray, but also pops of ochre and ocean blue. the collection has everything from the perfect linen shift dress to the easiest high-waisted shorts in a muted floral print, to the pom pom crop top in crisp cotton. the spring line is a nice twist on the warm weather classics.  



creatures-of-comfort 2


lizzie fortunato spring 2014

SS14 collection

Lizzie Fortunato’s spring 2014 line was influenced by her recent travels to Japan. The collection is split into two stories. The first is called “Shibuya,” which features colors like neon pink and red and over the top earrings. Also the story includes many touches of leather and crystals. The first story reflects the bright lights of Tokyo and the feeling of being at the center of this exciting nightlife.

The second story is called “Naoshima” and has more of an emphasis on nature. Focusing on the fishing town of Naoshima and its beautiful landscape, this collection features delicate pearls, wood details, and painted porcelain beads. This story turns to light pink and blues and Japan's man-made beauty to give influence for this second story.


For more images from Lizzie's trip visit her blog post detailing her trip and inspirations. 



humanoid spring 2014

the highly anticiapted spring line from humanoid is finally within arms reach.  the cult following line is known for their easy, soft, flowing, and extremely wearable pieces.  the new spring 2014 collection is no exception.  when the temperature's start to rise, humanoid's effortless collection will be the perfect solution to beating the heat in style. Humanoid described their spring line by saying, "for this year’s collection they have taken inspiration from ethnic cultures. using fabrics with textures such as cotton-linen, crisp linen, transparent organza, transparent voile knit of silk and organic cotton."



"Details such as silk fabrics with ethnic influenced graphic prints, tees that look like they are painted with water colours, and clothes and shoes with stripes that look like they are drawn by hand, all take part in giving the collection an “artsy-casual” flair. HUMANOID also design a range of accessories like casual footwear, bags and scarves, so you can complete the look."


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"The beautiful colour scheme of the collection is inspired by African herbs and will definitively get you in a holiday mood. Details such as silk fabrics with ethnic influenced graphic prints, tees that look like they are painted with water colours, and clothes and shoes with stripes that look like they are drawn by hand, all take part in giving the collection an “artsy-casual” flair."






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p.45 designer inspiration: susie lee's echo vie





what is echo vie?
echo vie is a beauty line, but it's more about a lifestyle than your typical beauty brand.  I wanted to create products that i wanted to use, that were nurturing and good for you.

where did the name originate?
a play on the word eco and the french word for life, vie.  i think everything sounds better in french.

who is susie lee?
an artist, creator, mother, makeup artist, book lover, music enthusiast

where do you draw your inspiration?
from conversations, books, music, art, friends, anything and everything that is in my periphery

what are your favorite products to travel with?
i love to have my echo vie organic body oil because it wears many hats!  I use it all over my body to moisturize immediately after a shower on towel dried skin.  I use a little on my face, mixed with a little face moisturizer, and I use it on the ends of my hair when my hair is still damp.

i also cannot go anywhere without my shu uemera lash curler and lately my M.A.C. lipstick Lady Danger.

my favorite makeup artist trick?
blending... blending can make the most obnoxious colors look totally natural.  it just takes practice and good tools/brushes.

Favorite book?
yeesh, there are so many!  currently i'm devouring Life by Keith Richards.  It's completely insane and amazing.

What are you listening to?
I'm all over the place with my taste in music.  I'm always listening to something in the car, while I work, when I'm cleaning. These are a few of my current repeat offenders:

Ginger Ale "Le Grand Sommeil"
Bon Iver "The Wolves (Act 1 &2)
Taken By Trees "Dreams"
The Duke Spirit "The Step and the Walk"
Stateless "Bloodstream"
Father John Misty "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings"
Fleetwood Mac "Brown Eyes"
Beach House "Myth"
the xx "Sunset"
Led Zeppelin "Over the Hills and Far Away"
Coldplay "Sparks"