4.5 minutes with sarah mcguire

4.5 minutes with jewelry designer sarah mcguire 

1. what defines you (as an individual and/or designer)?

as a designer -- simplicity, timelessness, wearability and craftsmanship. 

2.  who is your style muse?

i'm inspired by any confident woman who knows who she is and what she believes in.   

3.  where do you draw inspiration from?

i like to surround myself with objects and textures that inspire me. the central work table in my studio is frequently littered with shell fragments and curiosities from the ocean. when I start working on new collection, i'll begin with sketches but things really comes to life in the process of making. since most of my work is fabricated rather than cast, i'm able to design in the metal and that allows for a certain amount of improvisation.  


4. what piece you will wear most from your holiday 2014 collection?

the salome earring is my favorite piece from the collection but the spangle studs are my go-to.  

5.  what’s your favorite place to retreat?

wellfleet, massachusetts

6.   who would be seated at your perfect round table dinner party (alive or deceased) and why?

i'd like to spend an evening with my dad. he died a few years ago and there's so much that was left unsaid. 


7.  describe your perfect day?

a cup of really good coffee. then an early swim at the pond followed by an afternoon at the beach with a paperback. trip to the fish market and farm stand. evening cocktails on the porch. dinner with my husband.  

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