4.5 minutes with jaclyn mayer

4.5 minutes with jaclyn mayer of orly genger by jaclyn mayer:

 1. what defines you (as an individual and/or designer)?  

Simplicity, modernity, color, with a hint of 60's nostalgia.

2.  who is your style muse?  

It's always changing.  Right now Twiggy is on the top of my list.

3.  where do you draw inspiration from? 

 Materials.  Initial inspiration comes from physically playing with and touching different materials and seeing what unravels.  

4. what piece you will wear most from your fall 2014 collection?

 Betka Bangles are my favorite.  The are such a great way to add a little color to an outfit.  I love putting them over the arms of sweaters or jackets.

5.  what’s your favorite place to retreat?

 Sea Ranch...a few hours north of San Francisco.  I grew up going there a few times a year and it is still the best place to escape the bustle of everyday life.

6.   who would be seated at your perfect round table dinner party (alive or deceased) and why?  

My family, because I know we will make each other laugh.

7.  describe your perfect day?  

Spending the day at the beach with my husband and a good book, and then eating seafood and having cocktails for happy hour.  It doesn't need to be too complicated. 

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