4.5 minutes with hare + hart

4.5 minutues with hare + hart 

1. what defines you (as an individual and/or designer)?

I think it comes down to curiosity and humor. Jennie and I both love to travel and see every experience as a potential source of inspiration. While we started our company because we loved the idea of creating handbags we would wear ourselves made within an ethical framework we can feel good about, we also never take ourselves too seriously.

2.  who is your style muse?

I think our style muses are all the smart, inspiring women in our lives! We started Hare+Hart with the hopes that our friends and family would love our collection as much as we did.

3.  where do you draw inspiration from?

Inspiration can come from some very unlikely sources. Our mood board for this season included a picture of Joey's bedroom from The Full House set. We really embraced 90's era primary colors, bold color-blocking and favorite childhood tv shows.
Also, the Fanny Pack is inspired by photos of our Dads from the 80's. They really used to embrace a good fanny pack, which have since been phased out of their weekend wardrobe, unfortunately.  p.45 factors into this story as well. When we were in college in Northfield, Minnesota, fashion was not exactly a common interest shared by many on campus. Jennie and I bonded because of our mutual love of avoiding school work by way of online shopping. One year, during a trip to Chicago, Jennie stopped by p. 45 and told me all about it. P. 45 was carrying interesting, directional brands that made us excited about design. In the years since, we always talked about p.45 and how much we liked the store. Needless to say, we are thrilled to be included as designers here ourselves!

4. what piece you will wear most from your fall 2014 collection?

Well, this is the Sophie's Choice of handbag questions. I find it very hard to choose between our Backpack and the Mini Satchel. It's just too close to call.

5.  what’s your favorite place to retreat?

The beach. I grew up in San Francisco and spent many afternoons walking along Chrissy Field with my Mom and our Corgi, Belle. These memories are some of the best and any visit to the beach is instantly relaxing for me.

6.   who would be seated at your perfect round table dinner party (alive or deceased) and why?

I love this question!  I would talk to Tiny Fey, Nora Ephron, Terry Gross (she must have the best stories) and Amelia Earhart. Ever since I was little, I always wanted to know where Amelia Earhart's plane really is.

7.  describe your perfect day?

My perfect day would include a eureka moment about a design we've been working on, a long walk with my dog, Tito, catching up with friends and family and a delicious glass of Malbec. That would be perfect.


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