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relaxed pullover in black   bella slip dress black and lauren layered sweater 

 Screenshot 2017-08-04 11.55.49   stand collar dress purple


new to p.45


prps goods & co

Designer and founder of Prps, Donwan Harrell is the first American designer to bring Japanese denim jeans to the United States.

Established in 2002, Donwan single handedly started the rise of the Japanese luxury denim jeans business in America.

Donwan constantly researches and selects premium denim and uses unique washes that is guaranteed to last.



Cinoh is a Japanese fashion brand developed by Chino Takayuki. He strives to make better quality playful clothing that lasts a lifetime.


third form

Designer Marryn Kelly founded third form and since its inception in 2014, has carved out its place in the designer market

by continuing to deliver consistent and sophisticated urban lifestyle collections.


maison de papillon

Maison de Papillon is a sophisticated and elegant collection that transcends traditional categories and boundaries.

It is designed to seamlessly transition from travel and loungewear to ready-to-wear, with the philosophy that simplicity

is the ultimate luxury.



We are re-introducing inhabit back into p.45. Launched in the fall of 2003, inhabit pieces are meant to be layered, emphasizing

a modern elegance and sophistication. Knits vary in gauge and weight and range from cozy cashmere and wintry wool

to cool cottonand sultry summer linen.