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lizzie fortunato spring 2014

SS14 collection

Lizzie Fortunato’s spring 2014 line was influenced by her recent travels to Japan. The collection is split into two stories. The first is called “Shibuya,” which features colors like neon pink and red and over the top earrings. Also the story includes many touches of leather and crystals. The first story reflects the bright lights of Tokyo and the feeling of being at the center of this exciting nightlife.

The second story is called “Naoshima” and has more of an emphasis on nature. Focusing on the fishing town of Naoshima and its beautiful landscape, this collection features delicate pearls, wood details, and painted porcelain beads. This story turns to light pink and blues and Japan's man-made beauty to give influence for this second story.


For more images from Lizzie's trip visit her blog post detailing her trip and inspirations.